Here, There, Everywhere: Week 7

Spring has finally arrived in Brooklyn and we’ve been soaking up every last minute of it. We spent the majority of this weekend outside wandering wherever our interests took us. It has been wonderful to get out of the house and let Finn start to play out in the world – he’s become quite a fan of the swings. It has, however, taken me away from my computer which means a lag in posting. Honestly, I’m entirely ok with that. I spend enough time staring at a screen during the week that breaks are welcome. But I have been working on a series I’ll be debuting this week and I have grabbed then tid bits from my browsing. Enjoy!

  • I could not believe how astounding these portraits are was and then I realized how it was made. It’s beyond incredible.
  • I love every aspect of these ads, their retro feel, the actual product and the band.
  • These photos are fantastic – the perfect fodder for someone who loves to dip back in time to see how things were.
  • Speaking of how things are made I spent far too long watching these at by desk last week.
  • While we’re on the ad tip – this piece is brilliant. The message and integrity make for a much needed reminder that marketing can have a soul.
  • And finally, as the previous owner of the greatest black dog of all time, I really, really, really love this project.


Here, There and Everywhere: Week 6

So long March, and thanks for all the ish. This month has been an absolute doozy and with the exception of a few highlights – like Finn’s first solo steps – I’m happy to see it go. When I have had a free moment I have managed to grab a few moments to assemble my some real gems from the internets.

  • This app is what I used to create the image above, and my newest obsession.
  • I am by no means the oldest person in my office but this video captures what it is like to overhear some of the conversations that take place during my work day.
  • I’m totally floored by this woman’s cover of Heart Shaped Box.
  • I was introduced to the world alternative lorem ipsum last week. This is by far my favorite.
  • Dogter Who, I couldn’t resist.
  • I have incredible fondness for my memories of mixtapes of yore so I’m mighty tempted to pick up a few of these.
  • This is the exact kind of galette I want someone to make for me this moment.

Here, There, Everywhere: Week 5

One of the things I love most about my job is the variety of projects I get to work on. The last few weeks there has been somewhat of an explosion of awesome new opportunities for us to tackle which has been both thrilling and challenging which is just the right yin and yang I need to keep things moving. I hope it’s the standard for the year to come. Continue Reading →

Here, There, and Everywhere: Week 4

We took a long weekend away last week to escape – mid-blizzard – to visit family in central Vermont. We go every year for President’s Day to celebrate the anniversary of my surgery and every year we find a wondrous balance between reading, cooking (in my most favorite kitchen in all the world) playing games and futzing around in the snow. This year was no different, except we got to introduce Finn to this cherished tradition and he loved it, no surprise there. I tried to get away from the computer while we were there but did manage to assemble some fun bits and pieces for your enjoyment. Continue Reading →

Here, There and Everywhere: Week 2

I will be honest, I’m not unhappy about this winter weather. I’m from Minnesota so, comparatively this Northeast weather is nothing. I also love winter and have often been disappointed by New York’s usual version of winter lite. We’ll see if I’m singing the same tune after having to deal with it and Fashion Week. Continue Reading →

Here, There, Everywhere


I’ll admit, I’ve become a total sucker for lists – not listacles mind you, but thoughtful collections of links. Particularly now that I have so little free time to seek out and read the amount of content I once consumed I find lists posted regularly by some of my favorite sites to be an easy and satiating way to wade through the massive amount of material I encounter regularly.
So, in an effort to put out there a little of what I take in I’m going share my own weekly list of things I found inspiring, silly, interesting or random but necessary. Continue Reading →

Open Mouth, Staring Into Space

“Hey Mom, write a blog post for me today” Sure Em, I will just pull more random thoughts out of my head on music for you because there is enough there for the whole world. And here they are…

The first time I heard the Beatles I was 12 years old, doing dishes (yes a recurring theme, I listen to music while doing dishes) with the local rock station playing the same old, same old. Probably Skeeter Davis or some Jan and Dean car song or you get the picture. “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” squeezed itself between all the pap and I was open mouth, staring into space. It was different. It was good. I wanted more. And thank you music gods you gave me more.

You know what I mean because you are reading a music blog. You are talking with someone and there is a song in the background and your companion gets all fuzzy and all you can hear is that music. You’re in a record store (remember those? they still exist. Get yourself to one as soon as possible. Some place like the Electric Fetus in Minneapolis) and they are playing a tune that is infecting your mind with goodness. What is it? You gotta find out.

I can remember these moments in my life because honestly, there have not been many. They are the musical mileposts of my life. Continue Reading →

Best Albums of 2008

If I tried to write something about each of these albums I’d never get this list up. Links to come…

25. The Wave Pictures- Instant Coffee Baby
24. Atmosphere- All his ’08 releases
23. Peter Bradley Adams – Leave Taking
22. Portastatic- Some Small History
21. Thao Nguyen- We Brave Bee Stings And All

20. Adele-19
19. Q-Tip – The Renaissance
18. She & Him – Volume One
17. Slow Runner- Mermaids
16. Fleet Foxes- Winter White Hymnal
15. These United States – A Picture Of The Three Of Us At The Gate To The Garden Of Ed
14. Okkervil River- Stand Ins
13. Vampire Weekend- Vampire Weekend
12. TV on The Radio- Dear Science

11. Los Campasinos – Hold On Now, Youngster…
10. The Dodos- The Visiter
9. Kings of Leon – Only By The Night
8. Noah And The Whale – Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down
7. The Avett Brothers – The Second Gleam
6. Girl Talk – Feed The Animals
5. Passion Pit – Chunk Of Change
4. Raphal Saadiq – The Way I See It
3. Bon Iver- For Emma Forever Ago
2. Jenny Lewis- Acid Tongue
1. Frightened Rabbit- The Midnight Organ Fight

Top 5>>> ZIP
The Rest>>>zip
Stay tuned for Best Tracks and Best “new to me” Acts