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I’ll admit, I’ve become a total sucker for lists – not listacles mind you, but thoughtful collections of links. Particularly now that I have so little free time to seek out and read the amount of content I once consumed I find lists posted regularly by some of my favorite sites to be an easy and satiating way to wade through the massive amount of material I encounter regularly.
So, in an effort to put out there a little of what I take in I’m going share my own weekly list of things I found inspiring, silly, interesting or random but necessary.

  • This article by David Brooks about the Art of Presence captures one family’s observations after enduring two incredibly difficult tragedies and as someone intimately familiar with similar experiences I agree entirely with each point they make.
  • When I was preggo this commercial made me cry every single time it came on tv. I was raised with labs and can absolutely relate to pretty much every moment they show. I cannot wait until we own a house and I can get a lab buddy for Finn. It still makes me a little teary when I see it. Anyways, my sister sent me this link on Monday and I’m even more in love with Subaru.
  • I loved this series of photos taken by French photographer Rémi Noël. He takes photos of a Batman figurine in unusual locations and the results are fantastic.
  • My husband has been attempting a gluten free diet for the last few months and I have been trying to support him which has meant plunging into a whole new side of baking. It’s a very different science than the one that is second nature to me now but I’m slowly getting the hang of it. I think this may be the next recipe I attempt since he loves both bread and tomatoes.
  • A meta touch: here are a few of the other list writers I enjoy Cup of JoGirls of A Certain Age, Bubby and Bean, Shutterbean

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