Here, There and Everywhere: Week 2

I will be honest, I’m not unhappy about this winter weather. I’m from Minnesota so, comparatively this Northeast weather is nothing. I also love winter and have often been disappointed by New York’s usual version of winter lite. We’ll see if I’m singing the same tune after having to deal with it¬†and¬†Fashion Week.

  • Paddington The Bear has been a favorite character since I was a little kid so when I saw this collection from GAP I fell in love immediately. So much to love.
  • I like to think if I had this kind of spare time I’d also do something as weirdly cool as this.
  • While we’re on the topic of dogs, this series of photos makes me want a dog for Finn to grow up with so badly.
  • I read the book this summer and I’m very excited to see the movie this spring.
  • Now that the Super Bowl is over we’re getting back on track for healthy eating. This recipe is on the menu for Thursday night dinner.
  • The Merry Gourmet’s most recent post has really stuck with me. Her reflections on death and The Book Thief are thoughtful and ring very true to me.


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