Here, There, and Everywhere: Week 4

We took a long weekend away last week to escape – mid-blizzard – to visit family in central Vermont. We go every year for President’s Day to celebrate the anniversary of my surgery and every year we find a wondrous balance between reading, cooking (in my most favorite kitchen in all the world) playing games and futzing around in the snow. This year was no different, except we got to introduce Finn to this cherished tradition and he loved it, no surprise there. I tried to get away from the computer while we were there but did manage to assemble some fun bits and pieces for your enjoyment.

  • Jimmy Fallon may be one of my most favorite people ever and this is just one of the many reasons why.
  • I couldn’t help but laugh at these illustrations– as a Minneapolis native I have memories associated with most of them.
  • For anyone familiar with the world of books this article isn’t surprising. For the other 90% of you its an essential read that will hopefully impact how you buy books.
  • The best Fashion Week coverage I’ve seen.
  • These two were the highlight of my Olympic watching. Seriously wonder what NBC was thinking when they relegated them to afternoon broadcasts only.
  • Yeah, I told you, I adore him.

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