Here, There and Everywhere: Week 6

So long March, and thanks for all the ish. This month has been an absolute doozy and with the exception of a few highlights – like Finn’s first solo steps – I’m happy to see it go. When I have had a free moment I have managed to grab a few moments to assemble my some real gems from the internets.

  • This app is what I used to create the image above, and my newest obsession.
  • I am by no means the oldest person in my office but this video captures what it is like to overhear some of the conversations that take place during my work day.
  • I’m totally floored by this woman’s cover of Heart Shaped Box.
  • I was introduced to the world alternative lorem ipsum last week. This is by far my favorite.
  • Dogter Who, I couldn’t resist.
  • I have incredible fondness for my memories of mixtapes of yore so I’m mighty tempted to pick up a few of these.
  • This is the exact kind of galette I want someone to make for me this moment.

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