WATCH THIS! Alan Wilkis – “Come & Go”

Getting to watch an artist evolve is one of the coolest parts of being a music blogger. Some acts show a lot of promise when you first hear their stuff but it never goes anywhere and they drop off the radar. Other artists are pretty rad from the start but with time prove themselves to be much radder than you initially suspected. Alan Wilkis is one of the later. He’s definitely no stranger to TWIAPC – I most recently posted his ambitious new project Printsand now he has gone and blown me away with the video for Print’s single “Come & Go.”

Shot in 360˚ with help from David Sosnow to capture the euphoric feeling of the song and capture is does. The amazing film technic is only partly responsible for the smile the video puts on your face. The free wheeling dreamscape it evokes is responsible for the rest. As Wilkis continues to explore and evolve it’s with 100% certainty that I can say great great things are still yet to come from him.

[MP3] Come & Go

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