Watch This! Miracles Of Modern Science Cover “Pumped Up Kicks”

Yeah I know, I think we’re all a little tired of the ubiquitous Foster The People song but Miracles Of Modern Science have definitely freshened it up with their string heavy take on the song.

Guac The Day Away

There are plenty of ways to unwind from a crazy intense incredibly long day – head to happy hour, go for a long run, play board games – but none really even come close to coming home, throwing on a classic dance-around-your-kitchen-like-a-crazy-person mix and get down to making guac.

My guac recipe is something I have developed over the years and the one recipe I am asked to make the most. It’s not particularly complicated and can be adjusted to your mood, taste or what’s in the kitchen but there is something magically curative about guacamole therapy.˚ So, go ahead, have at it. Continue Reading →

Work Drugs Cover ….

This new cover from Philly’s Work Drugs  is such a breath of chill wave-alicious fresh air. A nice smooth disco beat underlying their take on one of the most abused and over covered songs of the summer. It’s an unusual and creative approach which I fully respect.

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Covered In Snow

Like a whole lotta other folks I’ve been snowed in today as waves of ice rain, sleet and snow wallop Philly. Snow Days were a rare treat when I was a kid; in Minnesota they pretty much only cancel school when the temps are so cold it is dangerous to be outside. On those chilly days when they did let us stay home my sisters and I would round up our friends and we’d do movie marathons at our house. This usually also included a smorgasbord of comfort food and break to go outside for a little energy release. I have many fond memories of those cozy days with my friends and fam.

The magic is decidedly less palpable as an adult, in particularly an adult who works from home. This morning I was made a little cranky by the prospect of being trapped inside with my work. I’m headed up to Vermont for the weekend so I have scads of work to do before I leave. But, after powering through a good bit of my “to do” list with the help of my stand bys (Ida Maria, Queen, Lookbook and Abba) I was able to settle in and enjoy watching the snow pile up outside. While my chillaxed approach to work after that point, paired with a little whiskey means I still have stuff to knock out yet tonight I thought I would take a moment to provide you all a little Covered In Snow mixtape. Whether you too are tucked in your house for the night or looking out at a sunny sky here is a mix for you.

Lazy (Low) – Mark Kozelek
Winter White Hymnal (Fleet Foxes) – Dirty Mittens
It’s Oh So Quiet (Bjork) – Bell
Winter (Tori Amos) – The Accidentals (2004)
Blowin In The Wind (Bob Dylan) – Sam Cooke
Streets of Philadelphia (Bruce Springsteen) – Casiotone For The Painfully Alone
Northern Sky (Nick Drake) – Denison Witmer
Nothing Better (Postal Service) – Ben Gibbard & Jenny Lewis
Some Things Last A Long Time (Daniel Johnston) – Doug Martsch
(thanks to Sheenabeaston for that last one)

Thanksgiving Treats: Comfort Food For Your Ears

I think its fair to say covers are the aural equivalent of comfort food; and, because it is tradition to kick off the holiday season with some indulgent noshing I wanted to share some musical nibblings with you. No worries about rocking the elastic waistband while enjoying these snacks. Simply pair with a nice white wine or IPA and no reheating instructions necessary as there will be no leftovers.

You’ve Got The Love (Florence and The Machine)- The XX

The Wolves Act I and II (Bon Iver)- Ellie Goulding

My Girls (Animal Collective)- Dappled Cities

I Do Not Hook Up (Kelly Clarkson)- The Gaslight Anthem

Psycho Killer (Talking Heads)- Cage The Elephant

Oh and thanks for tuning into The World In A Paper Cup. I’m endlessly thankful for your readership and support.

How Can You Actively Support The Music You Love? Read this article…

This morning Brian McTear, the founder of Weather Vane Music Organization, posted an article he originally wrote for the Future Of Music Coalition. It is a very worthy read about how you, as a fan, can best support your favorite bands and music makers.

“With the traditional music industry in a state of what could safely be called disarray, there isn’t a ready-made recipe for sustainable careers. The good news is that people still put their hearts and souls into making music, and there are still plenty of fans out there that want to support creators.”

Seeing bands live is usually my first suggestion – It pays in both money and spirit – but McTear goes above and beyond with detailed list of ways you can contribute. Please take a moment to read the article and if you have a little bit of extra money I can’t imagine a better investment than to donate to Weather Vane’s kickstart campaign.

On a similar note, I discovered this really interesting site called Better Than The Van

These folks are trying to build a community of music lovers who may be willing to donate a couch or perhaps a aero bed action for bands that ae touring the country. If that sounds like your kind of jam check them out. It is a v. direct way to support musicians trying to “make it” out there.

Summer Swoon: An Assortment of Covers

We’ve had a string of lousy hot days lately. They drain you of all your energy, make you want to wear as little as legally possible and make a trip out for water ice/cold beer/gelato an essential part of your daily routine. During one of the few times I have totally succumbed to the humid beast and lounged about contemplatin life I assembled this list of love songs covers that are appropriate for such sweltering lazy summer days.

Nothing Matters When We’re Dancing (Magnetic Fields) – The Antlers
The Antlers have been getting a lot of murmuring as of late and this cover of indie darlings Magnetic Fields is a excellent example of their skills. Its slow and beautiful, respecting the original’s ethereal-ness. If you like this listen to their own stuff its fantastic too.

Chasing Cars (Snow Patrol) – Natasha Bedingfield
Snow Patrol’s original is fantastic love song but when Natasha Bedingfield wraps her superb vocals around it new depths are discovered. The sparse accompaniment counters her delivery quite nicely.

To Love Somebody (The Bee Gees)- Damien Rice & Ray LaMontagne
The brothers Gibb don’t get enough credit from our generation. Beyond their work on Saturday Night Fever they produced some notable singles. This track is amongst the best and when in the care of Damien Rice & Ray LaMontagne it becomes sigh inducing.

Whole Wide World (Wreckless Eric) - Elvis Costello & The Attractions
Fans of the movie Stranger Than Fiction [the scene with the flours is one of the best romance scenes in the last ten years] and the television show How I Met Your Mother know the soundtrack moment perfection this song is capable of delivering. Elvis Costello’s live delivery is almost as good as Will Ferrels version in the movie but it suffices.

Pain In My Heart (Otis Redding) – Grace Potter & The Nocturnals
Grace Potter has pipes and that’s what it takes even attempt Otis. While this may not be your typical love song that doesn’t mean it isn’t the love song some people needed to hear this summer. Ms. Potter puts a masterful bit of soul into this version the does anyone’s heartache justice.

Into The Mystic (VanMorrison) – The Swell Season
To close things out I give you an Irishman covering a fellow Irishman. I’m anxiously waiting the Swell Seasons new album (due out this fall) and find myself resorting to relistening to everything of theirs I have. Hansard puts his all into his take and you get the sense he has been covering this song for a long while.

Return To The Carleton College Days: A Musical Tribute

I’m in Northfield MN this weekend for my five year college reunion so I figured it would only be appropriate to post a mix in honor of this fantastic occasion. The following songs will make a lot of sense (and hopefully loosen a smirk) for anyone who was on that crazy four year trip with me. The rest of you enjoy a nice little collection of covers…
Gin & Juice – The Gourds
Like A Virgin – Ryan Adams
There She Goes – The Wombats
Crazy -The KooksAss N’ Titties- The Matt Smith
1234 – Bikini
Can I Kick It – Lykke Li
Like I Love You – Maximo ParkRight Back To Where We Started From – Army Navy
Hyperballad – The Accidentals

There is more than one way to love (and sing a song)

In the third installment of the TWIAPC’s week of <3 stylings of others.

FaithThe Boy Least Likely To
George Micheal’s video for the original was sooooo cool to my little mind when I was younger. The song isn’t half bad either. TBLLT is best known for their indie scene anthem Be Gentle With Me and their twee/bluegrass twist really adds an unexpected touch.

How Deep Is Your Love- The Bird & The Bee
I can go hot and cold on this group. Some of their original stuff can get a little cloying to me but they will forever have a soft spot in my cover loving heart because of this Bee Gee’s resurrection. The brothers Gibb are too often overlooked for their contribution to music, always being shoved off into the disco category. How Deep Is Your Love eats up The Bird & The Bee’s low-fi approach. Very well done.

Bring It On Home To MeSpoon
This Sam Cooke track has been done and done again. Yet, they all seem to blur together. Except, that is, for this Spoon edition. They run it through an indie group session feel and the hollow vocals and spare percussion strip the classic soul song down and present it all anew.

Run- Leona Lewis
Ms Lewis has herself some pipes and knows how to work them. On this retake of the Snow Patrol song Run she pushes it a little further. The result is an epic love song crying out for a CW drama soundtrack

Real LoveRegina Spektor
Regina Spektor tends to illicit mixed reviews but love her or hate her this cover of John Lennon’s Real Love is, very simply, beautiful. I think John would surely approve.

A little snack to tide you over…

So many changes in the last two weeks! Briefly, I quit my job on New Years and after spending a month tying everything up as of Monday of this week I am now a partner in creative consulting agency. This means I have a lot more flexibility in my schedule and will be posting more often as blogging is a bigger part of my job. But I need a few more days to work on my next post. Until then I thought I would tide you over with a few covers I have harvested lately. Enjoy, and check back this weekend to find out what tunes I have been doing the happy self employed dance to all over my house.

Cool It Now - Robbers on High Street
From the newishly released compilation Guilt By Association vol 2. This series is released by Engine Room Records who assembles a interesting mix of artists and tracks. Well worth checking out. Vol 1 was good vol 2 is better. This particular track soothes and adds a touch of a hipster vibe.

If You LeaveRafter
Another track from GBA vol 2. I love this song in it original form and Rafter’s take is can interesting spin.

Baby LoveKate Nash
A live cut of Ms. Nash taking on the Supremes. A bold move yes, but she delivers it playfully with a tinge of curiosity that I couldn’t help but like.

Build Me Up - Rhymefest
My affinity for Build Me Up stems directly from it being the perfect top of the lungs sing along tunes. I fully appreciate Rhymefest’s version. An old fave from a whole new perspective.

I Wanna Sex You UpCharlie Ash
From the Buffetlibre project, one of the most delicious and ambitious cover projects I have encountered. Serious cover addicts should take some time to check out the songs chosen by today’s up and coming acts to cover/remix in their own vein. This one is just strange but in a good way.