Newest Shaking Through Artist: Sweet Lights

It’s been a while since I posted something from the fine folks at Weathervane – the progenitors of the awesome Shaking Through project. It’s not for lack of awesomeness on their behalf, they’ve been doing really wonderful stuff with the likes of Hezekiah Jones and Port St Willow, I’ve just been a little slow on catching up. However, the newest release popped up over the weekend and I feel it needs to meet your ears.

The band is Sweet Lights and the single is “You Let Me Down.” It took just one listen to really pause me. The arc of this song is patient and rich telling a tender story with real musical craft. 

Sweet Lights is the moniker of musician Shai Halperin who has plenty of notches in his belt having played with Capitol Years and War On Drugs before striking out on his own. A wise move if I do say so myself as he clearly has a wealth of talent in need of expressing. In the hands of Brian McTear and through the awesome creation process fostered by Shaking Through he has managed to create a lovely epic masterpiece that will hopefully soon blossom into a full album.

Watch the video and visit the site to read and see more about Halperin’s Shaking Through session.

[MP3] You Let Me Down

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