If You Will Dare, I Will Dare

Yep, while I was busy not blogging I was back home marrying my best friend. The weekend couldn’t have been more perfect, my mister and I exchanged the vows that we slowly pieced together over the week leading up to the big day while surrounded (both literally and in spirit) by the friends and family that make up the community we so cherish. The amazing group of people who traveled from all over the world to join us in the back woods of Wisconsin for a weekend of whiffle ball, brats, late night swims, brats, cornhole, brats, dancing, brats, beirut, brats and relaxing represented the many groups of people Ry and I have been blessed to have gathered along the way – both as individuals and as a pair. They are the people who have been with us through thick and thin; the ones who stood by us through our awkward teen age phases, cheered us up after break ups, challenged us to epic game nights, joined us for “family dinners”, supported us during my Ernesto experience, waited on line with us to get in to the shows we absolutely couldn’t miss and have given us great advice and even greater memories. Our wedding weekend was as much a celebration of the official union of this community as it was the official union of us – and we wouldn’t have had it any other way.

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The World In This Paper Cup Is Getting A Little Bit Bigger

A lot has happened over the last 6 months – major unexpected surgery, a crazy increase in the hours I am working and – most importantly- a huge shift of my priorities. One of those is this site. Over the last 3+ years writing about and exploring the world of music I have encountered an amazing variety of sounds, sights and people. What began as a little project has become something I cherish deeply. Figuring out a way to make sure I can maintain a space that is as interesting to others as it is to myself has been a central mental volley for me as of late. And, I am happy to announce I have come to a realization. It is time for “The World” covered in this paper cup to become a little bigger.

One of the things that makes writing a music blog so fulfilling is the fact that it is an expression of something I am very passionate about. However, it isn’t the only thing I am passionate about. In fact, I am proudly ADD when it comes to the list of things that excite me; baseball, boardgames, quotes, people watching, spread sheets – I could go on but I’ll spare you. While each of these will probably thread occasionally through TWIAPC there is one passion in particular I have decided to make a more central part the site: food. From this point forward The World In A Paper Cup will be a site dedicated to noise and noms.

Over the next few days and weeks you’ll start to see exactly how these two focuses will come to life. Sometimes you’ll find a little bit of both topics in one post, sometimes you’ll find one or the other. Hopefully, you’ll always find it interesting. I have also made the decision to add a few more regular writers to the roster. You’ll get a proper introduction to the first contributor this week.

I am incredibly excited about the evolution of The World In A Paper Cup and really look forward to providing  you all with a more interesting soundtrack and menu to use in your own world.

Oh yeah, I am still working out some kinks in the new design so bear with me.

Bag Of Songs & TWIAPC Present: Dinosaur Feathers @ The M Room

July 19th Bag Of Songs and The World In A Paper Cup present Brooklyn band Dinosaur Feathers at the M Room stage for their Philly debut. This is one of those opportunities to see a band that will be gathering much more buzz as the year goes on so be sure to mark your calendar.

Here’s a little street work they did for L Magazine’s Northside Festival