Here, There and Everywhere: Week 3

There are few things more glorious this time of year than to have a whole weekend that is almost entirely unscheduled. Coinciding with the start of the Olympics and a nasty bug that hit on Friday night meant we spent this weekend snuggled up in our apartment, and it was lovely. Needless to say a little internet perusing happened too and these were the best of the nets.

  • I couldn’t help but think this performance was bait for SNL.
  • Before reading this piece I didn’t really have an opinion about Michael Keaton.
  • I am OBSESSED with all of these looks. They make me anxious for warmer weather – or a vacation (hey, a girl can dream).
  • Now this would really tie a room together.
  • GIFs have never been done so artfully.
  • Another fabulous execution of geographical information.
  • I made these tonight for my sister’s birthday and they were a hit. Very easy to whip up too, despite their tricky reputation.
  • I have, for no particular reason, developed quite a crush on this guy. I dare you to watch him do or say anything and not also find yourself smitten.

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