A Playlist for Finn: Sleeps

I’ve been creating playlists for Finn pretty much since I found out I was pregnant. I have a list of music I played for him in my belly almost every night for the last two months of his residency, a list of classic rock that I consider essential to his musical development, even a list of pop songs that make him laugh – yeah, if there is a scenario that warrants a soundtrack I’ve started a playlist for it.

My current project is music that Finn can fall asleep to. It’s an aspirational list because right now he sleeps in the corner of our living room so he usually passes out to the sound of whatever we’re listening to (vinyl, NPR or MP3) or watching (strictly educational and high brow I promise). But someday he’ll have his own little nook and I want him to have some familiar music to lull him to sleep. So, I’m starting now. Right now it’s a short assortment of old, new, classics and randoms. Most have some sentimental value – like “Why Worry,” which my mom sang to me throughout my childhood and others made the cut because it’s just really calming. I think it’s a pretty good start but I’m looking for recommendations. Give a listen to what I have now and leave any of your favorite tunes to fall asleep to in the comments.

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