New To Know: Mr Green Is Dancing + Work Drugs + Yellow Ostrich

Mr. Green Is Dancing

Strange name, yes but it makes a lot more sense once you start listening to this band of German teens. Whether you’re Mr Green or not you too will find yourself dancing. While the production on the first few tracks they’re sharing with the public leaves a lot of room for improvement the music lying underneath it suggests that in the right hands this band will be a force to reckon with. Ambition percussion and intelligent guitar and bass riffs place this fresh band ahead of some bands that have been at this for years. With a bit more finessing and some touring I have no doubt the future for Mr. Green Is Dancing is a bright one.

[MP3] What A Pity

Work Drugs

Philly’s Work Drugs have but gone from still water to rapid boil in only a few months with their smooth sailing pop. Their chiller than chill beats have a nice pacifying effect allowing your mind to drift off into the dreamy other-worlds their floating vocals imbue. Put on a little Work Drugs when you need to escape and in no time you’ll find yourself yacht rocking along with them. As they continue to gather steam I am sure I’ll be getting news of an LP or EP soon. As soon as I do I’ll let you know. For now enjoy…

[MP3] Dog Daze

Yellow Ostrich

Yellow Ostrich is a pair of intensely focused musicians hailing from Wisconsin who in the last year have released 2 LP’s, a 7 inch and 3 EPs. There is a playfulness about their music making that I really appreciate; rich percussion share the rhythm with lush vocal loops and manipulations. “Whale,” the lead single off of The Mistress has a fantastic push and pull between the spare drum beat and vocals building to a calamitous burst of sound. The Mistress is up on YO’s bandcamp page now – for the price of your choosing- and will go wide on February 15th. Get in on these guys you’re ears will be made very happy.

[MP3] Whale

What Others Are Saying

  1. lesley Jan 10, 2011 at 2:49 am

    work drugs sounds like they want to be washed out. except they really are washed out. no good for me. love “whale” though. :)

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