Watch This! The So So Glos + Chris Garneau + Ida Maria

So So Glos

“Fred Astaire” – The So So Glos from Matthew Greeley on Vimeo.

I’m a sucker for a little old school dancing and the So So Glos give a taste of it with this video for “Fred Astaire.” It’s quick but still has enough to delight- I, for one, love the capture of the fella’s ratty converse wearing feet tapping along- as the top hatted man twirls through the sidewalks of New York. It’s a lice stylized contrast to the rushing pace of the song.

[MP3] Fred Astaire

Chris Garneau

[MP3] No More Pirates

TWIAPC fav Chris Garneau is back with another charming-if not slightly creepy- video. Considering the song is fairly strange on it’s lonesome it seems only natural that he pairs it up with some off kilter imagery. The puppetry is used to great effect, particularly when the skeletons are used to mimic the shuffling bones sound. Garneau’s videos are always a fun ride and this one is no different. I would love for him to pu tit all out there on the stage in one of his live shows. Not that his live stuff isn’t awesome as is, but it’d be a nice little change in the game.

Ida Maria

Ida Maria “Quite nice people” from NewsOnRequest on Vimeo.

There really aren’t many ways I know if to fully convey how excited I am about Ida’s new album Katla coming out. Fortress Round My Heart has brought nothing but smiles to my life since it came out last year. This is the first nibble Miss Maria gave from the album and it’s most wonderful. As always her lyrics are honest and relatable and I really like that the video is very simple. Can’t wait to get my hands on the rest of Katla.

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