New To Know: Sad Red + Casey Shea

Sad Red

There are lots of interesting beats to be found on Sad Red’s new album Elder. Unexpected syncopations keep you on your toes while urgent guitars fuzz out the edges; melancholic lyrics are delivered in turns with hushed howls and moody pleas. The arrangements are tighter than the average brooding band and they aren’t entirely dedicated to downer tunes. Songs like “Bag Of Shame” have an almost ethereal overtone despite the great shaking bass line. Sound like an intriguing band? They are. Give them a good listen and I’m sure you wont be disappointed.

[MP3] The Garden And The Lemon Tree

Casey Shea

The supremely talented Casey Shea has just released his new album Love Is Here To Stay on Family Records and it’s more than worthy of your diligent ears. Shea’s music comes from a finely cultivated catalog of inspiration- early folk, classic rock and wit infused pop- landing him in catchy troubadour territory. The orchestrations are dense and well thought out but not over whelming; buoyed by beautiful harmonies and quirky lyrics they never fail to leave a good impression. I particularly appreciate Shea’s ability to reflect his wealth of inspirations by creating his own sound and not beating you over the head with mimicry or over simplification. There’s lots to enjoy so I suggest you get yourself a copy.

[MP3] Love Is Here To Stay

What Others Are Saying

  1. indielawyer Jul 1, 2010 at 3:40 pm

    like the song. i am a fan of the sad troubadour writings that embrace despair and triumph in the same song. thanks.

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