Remix Rehash: Alan Wilkis + Keepaway + Passporte Royale

Alan Wilkis

Take one of my favorite songs, give it to one of my favorite remix artists and what do you get? Brilliance! It’s got just the right amount of funkiness mixed in Sarah Barthel’s seductive vocals. It’s perfectly imperfect.

[MP3] Mouthful Of Diamonds (Alan Wilkis Remix) – Phantogram


Keepaway has had it’s way with Fol Chen’s new single In Ruins and oh what a way it is. Starting with the uptempo track they add some electro twitches and video game beats; popping out the catchier roots of the song. The subtle distortion works with the song rather than trying to tear it apart. Much love for both versions.

[MP3] In Ruins (Keepaway Remix) – Fol Chen

[MP3] In Ruins – Fol Chen

Passporte Royale

Ok, ok, this track is technically not a remix; it’s just a wee weirdo electro gypsy romp that perfectly complements my current silly mood. The Swedish artist has been featured on TWIAPC before for his rockin mash up work but this track is nothing but the product of his musical mind. I’m in a generous mood so I’m tossing in his rad Rihanna remix he gave his zip to (care of Sheenabeaston).

[MP3] I Am A DJ

[MP3] Rude Boy (Passporte Royale Remix)

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