Granola Breakfast Bars

Granola Breakfast Bar // The World In A Paper Cup

After Finn was born my pregnancy appetite disappeared immediately – it actually took me a few days to regain much of an appetite at all. As I adjusted to breastfeeding my appetite settled into a happy place slightly above my pre preggo hunger norm and way below the non-stop snacking of my insatiable full-term cravings. Now that Finn is weaning off of breast milk though I find myself facing another shift in my appetite. I still find myself dreaming of cookies and chocolate, ┬áboth things that are fairly new loves, but in my desire to be eating healthy foods more often is returning.

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The Comfort of Swedish Egg Kaka

Well, here we are, 2013. Our holidays were pretty low key- a trip back to the Twin Cities for some family time and rang in the new year with an epic brunch with friends. Now we’re easing our way into a new year, our only resolution being to start traditions for our new family. Why? Well, because our family of two will be a family of three in July. Which kinda explains the lack of posting for the last three months – lets just say the first three months were spent sleeping and existing largely on a diet of carbs and orange juice. Now that my body has adjusted I’ve found myself back in the kitchen and once again experimenting with new recipes. Continue Reading →